Tree Services In Blacksburg

Improve Your View With Curb Appeal Landscaping & Tree Service LLC

Beyond being an eyesore, damaged or diseased trees can pose a threat to the security of your property. The question is then, how do you deal with a problematic tree? If you are not fully qualified, removing trees yourself can be dangerous; it’s all too easy to cause injury to yourself or others if you’re not skilled in tree removal, which is why we recommend leaving it to professionals like Curb Appeal Landscaping & Tree Service LLC.

Trusted Tree Removal Experts

With tree removal, it’s important to go with a company you know you can trust, a description that fits Curb Appeal Landscaping & Tree Service LLC to a T. Or should we say, to a tree? We’ve worked hard over the years to establish a reputation as tree removal experts. We didn’t get to where we are today by underwhelming our clients! Curb Appeal Landscaping & Tree Service LLC has consistently proven itself to be the best in town when residents need stumps or entire trees removed, so choosing us for your project is a clear-cut decision. Our careful touch ensures that the area surrounding the trees in question is minimally disturbed. Once the tree is taken care of, we take all the necessary steps to leave your property in better shape than before. We won’t leave behind any unsightly holes or stumps; it’ll be like the tree vanished overnight!

What To Look For in a Tree Removal Company

While there are a few different tree removal services, Curb Appeal Landscaping & Tree Service LLC sticks out from the crowd thanks to our commitment to superior customer service and competitive prices. Our workers are fully bonded and certified, meaning that in the highly unlikely event that something goes wrong, we are held entirely accountable. References are also a good indication of whether or not a tree removal company is deserving of your business. Curb Appeal Landscaping & Tree Service LLC puts customer testimonials front and center, because we stand by the work we do. Check out our testimonials section, or give us a call to get a few references; we want you to be making an informed decision regarding tree removal, so we provide all the tools you need to feel confident in your choice. Before you start acting out your Paul Bunyan fantasies, give Curb Appeal Landscaping & Tree Service LLC a call. We meet all the requirements you should look for in a tree removal company, and will work tirelessly to deliver on our promise of quality customer care and exceptional service.

Curb Appeal Landscaping & Tree Service LLC Makes Tree Removal Easy

Trees that don’t fit into the overall aesthetic of your lawn can be distracting. You’re able to customize all other aspects of your outdoor space, so why not include your trees in that? If some of the trees on your property don’t fit into the landscape, or are blocking your view of the surrounding area, get in touch with Curb Appeal Landscaping & Tree Service LLC to find out how we can help you. With Curb Appeal Landscaping & Tree Service LLC’s modern, high-grade machinery, any trees giving you grief are disposed of swiftly and efficiently, all for a reasonable price. Give us a call today, or use our easy online contact form, and we’ll be in touch before you can say “timber!”

Benefits of Tree Care From Curb Appeal Landscaping & Tree Service LLC

Nothing in the natural world compares to towering majesty of trees. With a silent dignity, they give us shade and shelter us from the rain. Their rustling leaves are a natural soundtrack to our lives. They’re worth protecting and if you have one on your property, it’s worth caring for. For the trained arborists at Curb Appeal Landscaping & Tree Service LLC, trees are more than our business. They’re the whole reason we get up in the morning. We care for them when they’re sick and maintain them when they’re healthy. A lot of people ask us why we love trees so much. Usually, we wax poetic for a bit and then return to work. This time we spent a long time thinking about it. We’ve come up with a list of reasons that we hope will convince you to care for your tree (or trees).

1. Cleaner Air

Imagine that? Every day scientists and journalists are talking about the dangers of excess carbon dioxide in the air. And yet, all over the world, we’re clear-cutting forests—our natural air filters. Seems like we’ve gone a little crazy, doesn’t it? Many cities around the world are starting to catch on and are planting trees throughout the urban landscape to counter air pollution. Having and caring for a tree is one way you can help to actually clean the air.

2. Trees Save Water

Because they create shade on your property, trees can reduce the amount of water that evaporates from your soil. Your plants will thank you! They’ll be lapping it up under the shade of your tree canopy. That means you need to use less water to care for your garden.

3. Trees Can Increase Your Property Value

Having a fully grown tree on your Blacksburg property takes a long time. From a little seedling to an adult tree, it can take as long as 20 years depending on the tree. However, the amount of effort you put into tree care will be reflected in your property value. Home buyers are more likely to be drawn to homes with mature trees in them. It’s a beautiful addition to the landscape of your home.

4. Home for Wildlife

Everyone knows that trees are great for providing shade and shelter for us on hot days. But did you know that animals find the same benefits in trees? Birds use their branches for nests. Squirrels and chipmunks hide from predators in their leaves. Ants and other insects create colonies among their roots and trunks. Caring for a tree means caring for an entire ecosystem. Imagine waking up in the morning and seeing a family of bright red cardinals in your backyard? Of course, there’s a flip-side here. It’s important to have a trained arborist inspect your tree everyone once in a while to make sure that unwelcome guests are identified and removed. Some insects and rodents can damage your tree, so it’s important to keep tabs on your micro-ecosystem!